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Photography – What to Wear:

Engagement photos might be one of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer (besides the actual wedding, of course). It’s an opportunity for me to get to spend some time with you as a couple, capturing some great images in your normal, day-to-day garb. It also helps you get comfortable in front of the camera so you feel relaxed to show off your personality and relationship.



  • The two of you are the main focus, so you want to wear something that reflects who you are and what you love.
  • If you love polka dots, it’s your trademark look – wear that.
  • Don’t leave the house without your cowboy boots? Wear them!


  • If he’s wearing a tux, a bohemian dress with torn off sleeves might not be the best option.
  • If you are an upscale fashionista, help your love find an outfit that matches your level of dressiness.
  • Outfit changes are always welcome – so maybe have one outfit that’s pretty casual and fun, and one that’s a touch more dressy and nice.


  • Leave those “I have to lay down to button these jeans” at home and opt for something that you feel free to move around in.
  • It’s best to avoid too tight-fitting clothes that might accentuate curves you’re not best friends with.
  • Jersey material, while comfortable, is a cruel creator of undesirable curve showing, especially when pregnant (for maternity what to wear).
  • Think about the time of year and location – ie, if it’s freezing outside – shorts and a tank top might not be ideal.
  • If you have some super-awesome heels you want to wear, but you’ll be walking in sand…. try bringing flip-flops and just wearing the shoes for the actual shot.


  • I love rich colors, and dark colors are always slimming.
  • Something with a little pop always photographs well, but if you’re most “in-love with” shirt is white or off white – don’t be afraid to wear it.
  • It’s about you!


  • Yes, compliment, too – but really, wear clothes that are complementary.
  • If you both want to wear red, or orange, or green, try wearing varying hues or shades.
  • Avoid the “we have to match!” mentality, unless you’re just married to the same outfit. In which case – embrace and smile!


  • There’s nothing quite like a brand new dress to bring out the fun for a photograph. I love the idea of having a “never been seen” outfit just for those special pictures.
  • And, if you’re all dolled up… it’s a perfect excuse for a post-session date night.



  • Yes, like smile and laugh and flirt. You’re getting married! It’s joyous.
  • Show your colors. My job is to capture you both totally in love and totally excited for the big day.





]]> (Sara Whisenhunt Photography) Engagement Nebraska Omaha Photographer Photography Photos Wedding Tue, 09 Apr 2013 19:22:28 GMT
Mandi & Nate ::engaged:: - Omaha Wedding Photographer I had so much fun with Mandi and Nate at their engagement session. We strolled around Regency Lake, and Mandi was such a trooper trudging through the snow. Her poor feet were freezing by the end of it!

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Addison :: 6 months :: I feel so lucky to be able to watch some of these little ones grow…and privileged to be able to document those milestones for Mom and Dad! =)

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Mellissa :: 2013 senior :: A few shots from Mellissa’s senior session. =)

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The Monteys :: family ::

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Avery :: playing dress up in mom’s wedding gown :: We took some great shots of little Avery in her mom’s wedding gown some weeks back. This session was SO. MUCH. FUN!!! Her mom plans to give these photos to Avery on her own wedding day. How cool is that?? =)

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Raegan ::9 months:: Little Raegan is 9 months old! I can’t believe how fast this little girl is growing! It has been a true privilege being able to capture her milestones along the way. =)

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Bryson ::playing in the park:: What a firecracker this kid was! I envy the kind of energy pumping through him! We decided to capture little Bryson in his true playful essence, and I think his personality truly shines in these photos. =)

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Madisynn ::newborn:: Sweet little chubby Madisynn! This girl sure kept us on our toes during her session, but I must say she did an outstanding job as a model. ;)

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Stroud Triplets ::newborn:: I was absolutely thrilled to be able to photograph these three beautiful baby girls! Triplets…swoon!

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Schroeder Kids ::playing by the pond:: After a few shots with their new baby brother, these girls decided it was time to play by the pond. They were so sweet, sticking their hands and feet into the water, playing with the fish, and finding just about anything they could to throw into the water. I love these girls! =)

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Ian Joseph ::newborn:: What a big boy Mr. Ian was! He wasn’t having most of the poses we tried to put him in, but I was able to get a few cute sleepy shots anyway. =)  I even got Mom and Dad when they didn’t realize it! Heehee!

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