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I am currently only accepting a very limited number of clients as I focus on my three beautiful blessings. 
These babies keep me busy, and I want to be able to give all of my clients the time and attention they deserve, so I have decided to cut back my workload quite a bit in order to find a healthy balance.
I sincerely appreciate your patience, understanding and support!
Much love,

Photo credit: Bohac Photography


Meet Sara Whisenhunt

It's pronounced WIZ-en-hunt

I LOVE ice cream!

My family is my world.  

Jesus is my homie.

My goal is to make my clients feel comfortable in order to achieve candid, relaxed portraits. I will give you some direction to get things going, but then I'll step back and just let you be you. I want YOU to shine in the photograph. Let your personality show, and I guarantee we'll get a photo you love.
I LOVE weddings! Capturing the love between two people on the day they begin their new life together is an incredible honor.  My wedding photography style is very laid back. I will be there to capture your entire day in a photojournalistic way. I also make sure to document all the details in an artistic style. I have fun with the wedding party, while still maintaining professionalism. 
I love meeting new people, and would love to meet with you! You can use the Contact menu to reach me or e-mail me at .